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Sunday, August 7, 2016


So, I while back my blogger buddy Robby wrote up a blog post about ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), that tingling sensation you get along the scalp, shoulders, and back of the neck when you hear certain sounds (like whispering or something really crinkly) or when someone plays with your hair, etc.  Ever since seeing that blog post, I've been watching ASMR videos almost daily.  I love them, and I love the sense of relaxation that comes with the videos.  But, I never get that tingling sensation that everyone always talks about, or if I do, it's just a hint of a tingle.

Well, the other day I was at work, and I had this strange feeling.  A woman was shuffling some papers at the desk, and I realized after a minute or so that the sound was giving me some serious ASMR, because my head, shoulders, and neck were all tingly.  Who'd have thought that after all those videos and all that trying to experience this sensation, it would have come from a completely random source?

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  1. That's how it usually happens for me too. I watch several ASMR videos each week but have never found one that produces the full effect. It is like you said, only a hint of a tingle. For me the real thing happens maybe two or three times a year seemingly at random.


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