"Take no heed of her...She reads a lot of books."
~Jasper Fforde

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Return of 31 Days of Halloween

Hello, everyone!  Have you sensed it yet?  October is on its way!  And when October is coming, that of course means Halloween.  And so, in preparation for one of my favorite holidays, I'm going to be presenting 31 different posts for each of the days leading up to the 31st.  Now, a quick disclaimer: I tried to do this the past two years, and it didn't really work out.  We're trying again, though, and hopefully this year's collection of videos, articles, pictures, and songs will be a lot of fun for all of us!

In preparation for October 1st, I'm posting something a little bit early.  I'm not sure if many of you remember, but a few years ago, I posted this little video of one of my favorite "monster" songs.  So, in honor of the moment, I'm including another version of that same song.  I highly recommend you check this one out, though, since it not only includes a live performance by the songwriter, Rob Cantor, but it also has a choir and interpretive dance.  Who would have thought a song about a cannibal celebrity could be so...well, you know.

Also, I'm going to be trying to write up a few posts NOW so that by the time October comes around, I won't be able to say "Oh, well I was just too busy with grad school stuff to post."  This week is pretty chill, so I'll be able to put together a few good posts.  I've actually been collecting stuff since last October, so I hope you'll find something you like :)

One last note: if there is anything you want to see here (can be as broad as [name of actor] or specific as "love songs about werewolves", etc.  Just for the record, I don't have any love songs about werewolves, so if you have any, please let me know).

I'm looking forward to a spooky and fun Halloween month.  Make sure to stop by daily for new stuff!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

He Might Be a Keeper If...

As cliched as it sounds, in looking for a suitable dating partner, I want to find someone who "gets" me.  And the more I embrace myself as a person, the more I realize that a lot of people out there are just not going to be able to fill that void.  There are people out there who could date just about anyone, but I find that I need a special someone who gets me on all those weird and quirky levels that makes up me.

Like tonight.  Just hanging out, watching clips from the Alan Arkin/Christopher Lee film The Return of Captain Invincible on YouTube.  I just requested it at the library, and I'm super-excited :)

Possible conversation?

Boyfriend: Hey :)
Emmy: Hey :)
BF: What you doing?
Em: Sitting around in my pajamas, watching clips from The Return of Captain Invincible.  You?
BF: That sounds awesome...can I join you?

That's all I want. Someone who appreciates my love of obscure movies.

(By the way, I'm including one of the clips here for your viewing pleasure)

I'll let you know what I think of the movie as a whole once I finally get to watch it ;)