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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Alice is Dead

Just wanted to post a little something for those of you who are fans of both Alice in Wonderland, and point and click Internet games. This is a wonderful gem of a series that I've been playing for the past six months or so: ever since game 1 came out. I was thinking about it today, and decided it might be enjoyable if I were to post them online for all of you guys to find right here on the site! Hope you like them!

Also, I would like to quickly state that these games aren't for everyone. First, they are very dark, and sometimes, disturbing. THESE GAMES CONTAIN GRAPHIC CONTENT THAT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNGER VIEWERS. If you're a fan of the classic Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, and don't really care for the newer adaptations like The Looking Glass Wars, then I would say to just stay away from this. It turns Wonderland totally on its head and gives you a very different version of the story.

A quick teaser: You wake up in a dark pit of sorts in Wonderland with no idea how you got there, or for that matter, who you are. All you have to work with, for a start, is the skeletal remains of Alice lying in front of you, and a note in her pocket that says "Kill the Rabbit". Quest onward my dear friend; discover your identity and find out what happened to Alice!
And if you liked the music from Alice is Dead 3, you can find the downloadable version at Newgrounds HERE.

Alice Is Dead Episode 1 - Get out of Wonderland and figure out who you are

Alice Is Dead Episode 2 - Things aren't getting any easier for rabbit

Alice Is Dead Episode 3 - Find the answers you've been looking for


  1. Thanks for the warning. I'll just leave it alone.The future psychopaths can have it.

  2. No... no, no... don't kill the rabbit!

  3. I'm going to check it out. Thanks!


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