"Take no heed of her...She reads a lot of books."
~Jasper Fforde

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Post Where Emmy Just Writes and Writes and Writes...

Having one of those moments where I just want to curl up in the corner and read EVERYTHING forever.  And it's kinda great.  I haven't felt like that in a long time.  Sometimes, I feel as though being an English major is squashing my love of books...like being forced to read is making me hate it or something.  Nice to know that the passion is still there, though.
So, this is going to be a bit of a bigger update, since I've been pretty AWOL lately.  I hadn't been blogging much for the past few months, but OF's passing has made it even more difficult to get back online and write.  And I desperately want to write.
Things have been a bit stressful lately.  Classes are taking up a lot of time, and I'm still trying to keep up a social life on top of all that, which makes for a lot of stress and things not getting done.  I'm getting bogged down in projects and stuff, and people make me feel bad for complaining because they have more to do.  It bothers me sometimes, because I feel that just because I have less work, it doesn't mean it's not overwhelming, and I'm not sleep deprived, too.  Watching cat videos on the Internet is my way of relaxing; I'm not a lazy-ass.
Ranting over.  So, the guy I had mentioned before?  Yeah, not working out.  He's kind of a snake who flirts with me like crazy, and only told me that he had a girlfriend when I asked him.  At first, though, I thought I could be overreacting, so I was just going to drop it, but he insisted on talking to me about it, so that he could explain himself.  So, I let him.  And we had a great conversation.  Then, though, he took that as his "okay" to basically cling to me like a very horny shadow.  And I'm not really cool with that.  I mean, we could be friends, but I'm experiencing slight trust issues from this, and I just need a bit of space.  Instead, he comes running back, trying to act like he's my boyfriend.  And while I would  be perfectly happy to have another male friend, I think that these advances he's making at me are a bit too forward.
I've talked about him to some of my guy friends.  Movie Boy says that this guy is either in love with me, or he's a psychopath.  Either alternative is not ideal, but I'd prefer the first one.  And another male friend (who is in the same class as the Snake and myself), says that not only is he positive that this guy is really into me, but that he's been getting bad vibes off him, and that there is something wrong with him, and I should stay away.  How comforting, am I right?
Work has been blissfully quiet.  I'm having a wonderful time.  I've been getting homework done.  And I'm BLOGGING!  I'm so happy!
I've started reading Jasper Fforde's latest book The Last Dragonslayer in my free time.  This guy is brilliant! :)
Irish Lit is focusing on James's Joyce's short story "The Dead".  I've read and reread a 14 page essay on new historicism in "The Dead" about three times now.  It is so boring!  I feel my brain turning to soup as I read.  I wouldn't care so much, except I have to be able to discuss it in class.....in a group with two other people...while the whole class watches us. How awkward.  Why can't we just make it a presentation??
My writer crush has asked me to read his work and give feedback.  Do you know how amazing that is for me????  I just want him to write things at me.  His literary genius is beautiful.  I'm thrilled :)
Okay, so I think that's enough for now.   It was nice to actually blog a bit again.  Hope y'all are well.  I would love to hear from you :)


  1. Regarding your first point. I felt that way in college a lot. I did so much textbook reading that I felt like I never wanted to read again. But really what I was feeling was the need to read ANYTHING but a textbook. Picking up a good novel was like medicine to my soul.

    Regarding this guy who likes you, I agree that you should probably keep your distance from him. The fact that he has a girlfriend, but is still pursuing you is a major red flag. He clearly is not trustworthy, and is probably only after one thing... (Saying that makes me feel like somebody's dad.)
    Unfortunately there are predatory guys in the world. If you can identify them early, it will help you later on as you learn to avoid them.
    Good luck!

  2. Great to here form you! Classes are insane for me as well. Sorry about the situation with the boy. Hope things keep going good for you.

  3. And you're blogging! I'm so happy!

    Yeah... thumbs down on the 'very horny shadow' guy. Ick.

  4. I'm still suffering from an aversion to reading. And it's been TWO YEARS since I graduated, and you read way more than I did for my degree. Yeesh. I'm dying to know what university you go to, because I'm so curious about their English program now. It sounds so intense!

    In other news, stay away from that boy. Who's to say he wouldn't turn around and do the same thing to you?


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