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~Jasper Fforde

Monday, January 18, 2016

Stressed? Me?

So, I have been suffering with these terrible headaches for months now.  They come and go, lasting about five to ten minutes each, and I get them five or six times a day.  My research wasn't turning up anything, so I went through all kinds of horrible theories.  I must have a brain tumor.  Or, maybe it's bot fly larva IN MY HEAD!  Finally, I came across an article saying I might have TMJ disorder, so I went to my dentist to figure things out.

After massaging my face for a few minutes, and making me open and close my jaw a couple times, he told me that my problem was not TMJ.  There was nothing wrong with my jaw joints.  I do not grind my teeth.  There are no bugs in my head.  And it's not a tumor.

I'm just stressed.  And that's causing the muscles that close my jaw to clamp down really hard.  So, apparently I'm so stressed I'm giving myself headaches because I keep clenching my teeth.  Stress.  Who knew?

In case you were wondering, I've been using a heating pad to relax my shoulders and face....and guess what?  It's been working!  I've gone from six headaches a day to maybe one or two.  And some days, I don't have any!  This is the best feeling ever ^_^


  1. Do you remember the post I did about ASMR? Good ASMR videos on YouTube are very relaxing. You don't need to actually watch them, usually I just listen with headphones while at work to relax. Something like that might help you too.

    1. Hi, Robby!

      Your ASMR post was the best! I actually have started using the videos to help me relax my jaws, and it has been amazing ^^ I always feel good after listening to them! Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction!


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