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~Jasper Fforde

Monday, February 22, 2010

Walking in the Rain (Sense and Sensibility)

The weather today is TERRIBLE! It's been wet and rainy and gross...but to be honest, I kinda like this weather...It's perfect for curling up with a good book and a cup of coffee... Today, however, there are two problems with this... 1. The roomie gave up coffee for Lent, so for solidarity, I've also tried to give it up (or at least resist drinking it in her presence). 2. I've been inside all day, and I'm starting to go stir-crazy-- I just can't sit still!

This weather really reminds me of Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austin. The wonderful roomie actually introduced me to this story at a point in my life when I was still recovering from a toxic friendship, and I needed to find a way to escape from this man who was making me into something I was not. The roomie and I joked that all I needed to do would be to wander in the rain until my Brandon came for me. Well, I wandered in the rain of life, and a Willoughby came for me instead. :(

"When he was present she had no eyes for anyone else. Everything he did was right. Everything he said was clever. If their evenings at the Park were concluded with cards, he cheated himself and all the rest of the party to get her a good hand. If dancing formed the amusement of the night, they were partners for half the time; and when obliged to separate for a couple of dances, were careful to stand together, and scarcely spoke a word to anybody else. Such conduct made them, of course, most exceedingly laughed at; but ridicule could not shame, and seemed hardly to provoke them."

~Jane Austin (Sense and Sensibility)

He sounds so wonderful, but underneath all that is a total loser; and I'm not interested in that for myself... Like Marianne, I was in a vulnerable state when Willoughby found me, and I fell for his charms. Sometimes, in the dark, rainy parts of our lives, we can't really see if the person coming to our aid is a Willoughby or a Brandon.

However, I've finally gotten past Willoughby, and I'm ready for my Brandon to come and find me when I fall. This time, I've learned...I'm not going to be caught searching anymore. I'm just going to wander in the rain until I stumble; then, Brandon will come.

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  1. so, a thought crossed my mind. if literature did not exist so that it could be the metaphor for one's life i think that we will all go stark raving mad. this could then explain persons such as oscar wilde and edgar allan poe, they went mad because, before they wrote the things that they did, they had nothing to relate their own lives too. well. . .this may be an odd theory, but for those of us who have experienced this, it makes quite perfect sense. <3


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