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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Fedora Day!

February 14th is commonly known as Valentine's Day, but this year, a group of us decided to change things up a bit. You see, Valentine's Day is a couples holiday. Exchanges of roses, chocolates, and all kinds of cute, romantic treats are made between a smitten guy and girl....but what about all those single people? For us, sometimes, Valentine's Day can be a bit awkward, as we watch our friends and family members get showered in reminders of how wonderful they are. And please, don't think we are jealous! It's not that at all....it's just that we want to get involved as well. So, Rachel invented Fedora Day. How does that work? Well, all the single ladies (sorry, guys....none of the gentlemen in our group are participating right now) get dressed up, look awesome, and wear fedoras. Just so that we stand out a bit and look cool. We're not anti-Valentine's Day....in fact, any of us would be more than happy to have a Valentine...but, we want to be able to get dressed up and make ourselves look pretty, even if there isn't any guy to do it for. If all goes well, I think Fedora Day is going to become a tradition!


  1. Ooooh. I want to participate next year! Can I? I'll even find me a fedora!

  2. Sure, Chessie ^_^ I don't see why not! :)


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