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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Okay....So, I'm Often Oblivious...

...when it comes to guys. But, today, cute guy called me to ask about a "homework assignment" that he clearly needed no help on. (I was supposed to call him today, but I was mad--a story for another day). While we're on the phone, he proceeds to complain about how he's sick and acts like a total baby. (For the record, I felt really bad for him...he made it sound like he was dying). However, I had something worse like two weeks ago, and I didn't complain even half as much as he did! But, okay, back to the story....He's having trouble with his classes because he simply has too much work. So, I offered to be his study buddy. (It's Shakespeare--I LOVE that guy :P) and.....this is the important part......he told me "no," because I'd be too distracting. And when I asked if that was a good thing or a bad thing, he said, "No, no....it's a good thing. It's a very good thing." The girls think that means he likes me.....like really, really likes me. What do you guys think? Please remember, I'm kind of an idiot when it comes to guys....I can be pretty thick about their signals. All readers are welcome to respond...although, I would like to ask my gentleman readers in particular to please enlighten me!


  1. Oh, hon, it's a good thing! It means he'd be thinking about you too much to concentrate on what he's supposed to be doing. This is a cute situation. I wish I had such cuteness in my life! :)

  2. Yeah he definitely likes you, but he's going about it in a very strange way. He needs to just ask you out and quit playing all these games to get sympathy and attention.

  3. hahahaha <dirty laugh, emmy thinks too much :P

  4. It's a good thing... a compliment at least.

    Is Cute Guy and Valentino one in the same, or did I miss a post?

    Oh... Boys ARE babbies when they get sick. Just prepair for that.

  5. Thanks, guys for your feedback!

    -Chess: Don't worry, such cuteness will soon come into your life, I'm sure :) I just wish I knew how to handle this silly, silly boy :P

    -Robby: Thanks for your help. All my friends kinda feel the same way. As for me, I'm just confused about what he's doing (but, I think you already knew that :P)

    -Tom: Oh, haha, go ahead and laugh :P

    -Steven: Cute Guy and Valentino are the same. I'm just trying to figure out a permenant name for him, especially since our Valentine's Day was anything but romantic, haha. And WHY are boys such babies when they're sick? I felt SO BAD for him, and I think he just has a small dose of the flu!

  6. It is likely that he is not a baby to someone else. He wants you to nurse him back to health. Been there.

  7. Oldfool,

    I would love to be there for him if he's not feeling well. When I saw him today, he seemed to be doing a lot better. And if he wanted me to nurse him back to health, he was doing a good job, since I wanted nothing more than to be there for him.


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