"Take no heed of her...She reads a lot of books."
~Jasper Fforde

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I've been feeling a little out of it lately; a little under-appreciated.  And as I was thinking about it, I realized that if you want someone to know that you appreciate them, you have to tell them!  So....I whipped up a little "Rage Comic" for y'all to tell  you how I feel.....

A token of my appreciaton.  (Yes, that's supposed to be me, haha)
Click to enlarge :)


  1. thats... very visually interesting, and a little scary too :)

  2. Tom,

    It's a Rage Comic; they are supposed to look like that :P I didn't draw anything; I just used the template online. I'm sorry if it freaked you out a little :P

  3. This is very cute. I think from now on I won't be able to help visualizing you as looking like this :P

  4. I'm very glad to have met you virtually. Your space in cyber space is a wonderful haven of clever and adorable and thought-provoking.

    And now there's rage ;).

    I'd personally like to see more booky thoughts if you be havin' any :).

    Have a smashing day :)

  5. Thank, Evan!

    More booky thoughts will be coming to Ramblings very soon! I just have to take the time to read a little more :)

  6. More booky thoughts indeed!

  7. Oh there you are! Nobody appreciates you in this blogosphere more than I do. So there. :)

  8. Yes, Steve! I promise more bookiness :)

    And thank you, Chess! That makes me feel all warm-fuzzies inside :)


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