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Sunday, December 27, 2015


Perhaps one of the best parts of the Brother's return home is that we spend inordinate amounts of time each night watching anime.  My love of anime is quickly becoming a make-or-break relationship point.  I can see turning down a very nice guy because he's not interested in discussing the finer points of Dragon Ball Z, or cosplaying with me at the next anime convention.  I know it sounds silly, but it's a big part of my interests.  Plus, I feel like watching anime and playing video games are social activities that should be shared.  I also love reading (which I'm sure you all know), but that's solitary.  I don't mind reading alone.  But, I want someone to go to all the anime movies with me, and to cry with me during every ridiculously sad character backstory in One Piece.
So, while we're on the topic, the Brother got me the most awesome Christmas gift: a copy of the latest Dragon Ball Z movie: Resurrection "F" on DVD.  We watched it Christmas night, and I'm still feeling the high. While he prefers the 2013 Battle of Gods, there is just something about the devious and highly dangerous Frieza (the "F" in Resurrection "F") that always fascinated me.
Frieza in his "golden form" from Resurrection F
 In addition to this amazing film, the Brother and I have stocked up a list of anime we wanted to watch while he's home for the holidays.  I'm hoping to post about these a bit more as we watch them.  I know last year, I talked about completing a few series which I had been focusing on for months, and how it felt like I had a huge hole in my life after these characters, who had been my constant companions, were gone from my day-to-day.
Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss
Last year was Death Note and Space Dandy.  This year, we have several titles lined up, including Tiger and Bunny; Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple; Mushi-Shi; Samurai Champloo; and possibly some One Piece or Dragon Ball if time allows.  Also, the Brother isn't interested, but I have a shoujo lined up for me: Kamisama Kiss!
I was going to use this space to write all about Tiger and Bunny, but I think I have a better idea.  Instead, I'm going to put together an anime Year and Review, and go over all the anime that I have seen this year.  I hope you guys stop in to check things out :)

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