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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machines

What do you get when you combine 1960s heart-throb Frankie Avalon, classic horror film star Vincent Price, a millionaire, a sidekick named Igor, and at least ten beautiful girls adorned in gold bikinis? The answer is Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machines, a hilarious movie from 1965.

Dr. Goldfoot (Price) is an evil scientist with a very unusual plan: robbing millionaires and billionaires of their assets by seducing them with robots that look like bikini-clad women. He creates a "bikini machine" that builds female robots who are programmed to seduce their wealthy targets and trick them into marriage so that they can control their stocks, properties, and other investments.

When Craig Gamble (Avalon) accidentally is targeted by Dr. Goldfoot's robot #11, the bit detective is determined to stop this menace before anything can happen. He teems up with targeted millionaire Todd Armstrong to stop Dr. Goldfoot and expose his horrible plot to the world.

It's an incredibly corny film, but made my whole family and I laugh until we cried. I hope you guys enjoy it as well! Here is the trailer for you guys to sample...


  1. i kinda need to see this movie

  2. Sarah, I know we like of lot of the same movies, so I can safely say that you will probably love this one! ;)

  3. You had me at "bikini". ;)


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