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~Jasper Fforde

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dressing Room Disaster

Okay, so I was at the department store looking for some back-to-school clothes...

And I had picked up a few outfits that I liked, and took them into the juniors department dressing room. My mom and the Brother had come with me, since he needed some back-to-school shopping taken care of as well, and were waiting for me outside of the dressing room.

I was just trying on my first outfit when I heard Mom arguing with someone outside of my room, and next thing I know, she's asking me if someone could come in for a second. As soon as I open the door, this little bulldog of a lady barges in and starts freaking out, grabs this pile of clothes in the corner of the room, and storms out again. I know this sounds mean, but she was like sixty-five, and in the juniors section! She's a bit old for that...

And talking to Mom about it later, I found out she was actually going to just come right into the room, whether I was changing or not! (the changing room doors didn't have locks). She actually started an argument with my mom because she would not let her in! Apparently, she had left some clothes and her sunglasses in the corner of the fitting room, and left to look for more stuff. Yeah, I saw her stuff (the clothes, not the glasses) but I didn't think anything of it...people leave their stuff in dressing rooms all the time; if it doesn't fit, why should they be nice and put it back?

What really shocks me is that she would be so rude, argue with my mom who simply said "just wait a minute so my daughter can put some clothes on" and just stormed into the room before I even have the door opened all the way with no explanation. I wonder what would have happened if my mom hadn't of been there....that crazy lady prolly would have freaked out on me for being in her dressing room, or I would have freaked on her when she came on me half-naked...how awful that would have been! :(


  1. Much worse lessons in human behavior are yet to come. That's what moms are for.

  2. this story reinforces my irritation with humanity. you just need to reach a point where you can laugh otherwise you'll go insane.


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