"Take no heed of her...She reads a lot of books."
~Jasper Fforde

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Used Books at the Library

Finally! For the first time, I've actually been able to check out my library's little book store. Its just a small room off to the side, filled with all kinds of books...donations, cancelled library books, some old and worn, some barely touched. The best thing was that everything was very, very cheap...you could get a DVD for only $2.00, or a paper back book for 50 cents! I bought three things and only paid $2.00 for them!

First, is a paperback copy of Ragtime, which was recommended to me by my friend Jenn back in high school. When she was reading it, it was all she would talk about. And experience has shown me this: if Jenn tells me I'm going to like a book, then she knows I'm going to like that book. This wonderful little find was only 50 cents!

I also found a musty copy of Death of a Salesman, one of my all time favorite plays (50 cents).

Finally, I purchased a hardback copy of The Old Man and the Sea ($1.00) which I found (to my great excitement) was full of notes that the previous author annotated it with. That's really why I love old books...there is so much history behind them. I wonder who this man was who wrote all over this book, lovingly leaving his mark on the pages.

Am I going to come back for more books? Oh yeah! There is just something wonderful about library book sales...the books are inexpensive (used book stores often make you pay through the nose) and more often than not, the books are in wonderful condition. What a perfect way to find new treasures to read!


  1. Our library just sets up a table in the anteroom and it's not very big but I have found a number of books there. This last year I bought and read a number of young adult books that were very good. I bought them to pass on to my grand daughter.
    The biggest coup was a 6 inch thick Merriam-Webster library edition dictionary for two bucks. I'm kind of a dictionary freak.

  2. I'm kind of the opposite. I prefer new books, because then I know that every ding, crease, and mark was from me. I have a few used books, but I prefer the new ones.


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