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Friday, May 13, 2011

Dorian Gray: False Portraits

When it comes to fan art or transformations of characters from words on a page to a visual image, there are always going to be some differences; some creative liberties taken by the artist. However, one does not expect to find glaringly obvious mistake from something as professional as a book cover. It was of course, a great disappointment to see that a very obvious character trait (mentioned within the first two chapters several times) would be so easily skipped over when it came to making the book cover for The Picture of Dorian Gray: ie. Dorian is supposed to be a very youthful blue-eyed blond, not a brooding, mature, dark-haired, brown-eyed man. Still, these are cool covers, and worth sharing :)


  1. He's not even attractive in the 4th one...quel désappointment :(

  2. I know! Even more disappointing :P

    My copy of the book has the last cover.

  3. That last one is actually a portrait of the famous composer and pianist Franz Liszt. He was kind of like the world's first rockstar :-)

    The painting was done by Henri Lehmann.

  4. Thanks, Anonymous! That's really cool :)


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