"Take no heed of her...She reads a lot of books."
~Jasper Fforde

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Wonders of Wodehouse

When one is feeling down, nothing can cheer you up faster than a cup of coffee (or some other pleasant tasting beverage), a quiet corner (or three, if you have trouble sitting still), and a P.G. Wodehouse book (this one is non-negotiable...it HAS to be Wodehouse for the magic to happen!) I'm not going to lie to you; I was feeling like shit all day today. But, I have to say that I feel about 100x better than I did before. In fact, I'm all smiles and life is good. Wodehouse has that effect on people, especially me :) Speaking of Wodehouse, I'm thinking about bringing back the Weekly Wodehouse from last year. I think the last installment was way back in October! (For those of you who don't know about Weekly Wodehouse, as well as those who would like to relive the wonder, you can find the achieves for the most part HERE). So, starting today, I'll be attempting to post a Weekly Wodehouse quote every Sunday :)


  1. This is one of my favorites.

    I could see that, if not actually disgruntled, he was far from being gruntled.
    P. G. Wodehouse

  2. That's one of my personal favorites, too :)


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