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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Great Gatsby NES

Now, as an English major, there is nothing I love more than a good book. And apart from books, one of my other great passions is video games. Now, books about video games are fairly common, almost (dare I say it?) a dime a dozen in the teen sections of libraries and bookstores. However, video games about books are a bit rarer, and in my opinion, far more interesting. So, when I stumbled upon The Great Gatsby NES, I was very excited. Now, its a fairly simple game...play as Nick Carraway, jumping around, avoiding waiters, drunks, flappers, and other guests on your way to find Gatsby at his party. (More levels after that, including a boss which I can just not get past!) Still, it's very fun, and an interesting approach to F. Scott Fitzgerald's original idea. I'd recommend checking this out if you've read The Great Gatsby before. If you haven't, you'll either be a bit confused, or there will be some spoilers involved. As it is, I haven't read the book in several years, and remember next to nothing about it....Guess what's going on my summer reading list? :P

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