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~Jasper Fforde

Friday, December 16, 2011

Finals Week

It's nearly three in the morning.  I've gone past the slap-happy stage to the dead-exhaustion stage.  I need sleep.  I'm going to fail my Earth Science final tomorrow....or is it technically TODAY?

I don't care.  I'm going to bed.


  1. I'm sure you did just fine...you like rocks and all that stuff, remember? :D

  2. Thank you for your confidence! I take the test at 1:00 today, so I'm not quite free yet...

    And it's not just on rocks (which I DID enjoy...) but it's on a LOT of material including, but not limited to:

    Rocks, minerals, earthquakes, volcanoes (and the types), plate boundaries, storms (tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, etc.), wind, air pressure, fronts, clouds, climate, precipitation, faults (and the types), fossils, plate movement, atmosphere, global warming, the little ice age, fossil fuels, alternative energy sources, etc.

    There is, quite frankly, just TOO MUCH to cover on this final, and I think it's really mean of my two professors who jointly teach the class to expect us to know everything we learned all semester. There is just too much to keep track of.

  3. Good luck! I'm sure it won't go as badly as you think. But if it does, you can always reread my blog post about my worst day ever. Then you can find some company to go with your misery.
    But I'm sure it will be fine.


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