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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Deadly Storm (Richard Castle)

I just finished reading Deadly Storm.  And it was amazing!  I'm normally not one for detective fiction....usually I just can't find a series that really catches my attention.  Either the writing is too bland, or I don't like the detective, or it's too violent, or some other reason.  But, as always, Richard Castle never fails to please.  I love the show, and I own all the books (even though I've not had the chance to read them yet).  Condensing this story into a graphic novel was a great idea; it made it super easy to read; and I was so engaged in it, I was done before I even knew what happened.  I really, really recommend it!

When Derrick Storm, private detective, takes on a case to find a woman's missing husband, he has no idea of what he is getting himself into.  Before long, he finds himself running for his life, getting arrested, and getting tied up with a CIA agent who might actually be rogue.  It's a fast paced story of drama, intrigue, and action.

I'm afraid I can't tell much more; it's short enough that I don't want to start giving away the more juicy bits of the plot; besides, you should totally just read it for yourself instead of relying on me to tell you about it ;)

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