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Friday, February 17, 2012

The End of The Boy

Do you guys remember "The Boy"?  I talked about him a couple of times, before finally deciding that he was too hot and cold for me, and that I was better off without him?  Yeah, well, I've been realizing these past few days that I was not as "over him" as I thought I was.  And today, when he happened to come up in conversation, and my friend (who knew nothing of this) told me how funny and crazy he was....and once I revealed that I had a crush on him, she told me sadly that he was "obsessed" with one of her friends.  She gave a name; not that it really matters; I don't know the girl.  I managed to save face, but the whole thing hit me like a sandbag.  I guess it was easier for me when I didn't think that he liked anyone, or that he was incapable of loving (doesn't that just sound MEAN?  Omg...), or EVEN when I thought he was interested in one of MY friends (they always talk), because I could tell she wasn't interested in HIM.  And even if she was, I could NEVER hold it against her.

Still, this was really hard to take.  I'm starting to go numb, which is better than my original reaction, but as always, it doesn't feel good.  I'm considering skipping my next class, because I have it with him, and there's only one person sitting between us.  But, since I have another class in the same room after that, it doesn't make sense to skip; I'll be caught by the professor before you can say "Cheap Russian Vodka".


  1. "I'm considering skipping my next class, because I have it with him, and there's only one person sitting between us."

    No hiding emmy, that's not a good path to take. After a few months you'll be thinking 'wow, what was I so worked up about'

  2. After many experiences similar to this, I've learned that it is better to not allow them to affect you deeply.
    I'm not saying that you won't feel hurt, but you shouldn't alter your schedule, or behavior, just to avoid them and make yourself feel better.
    Once, when I was particularly upset over a recent rejection, a friend of mine taught me a lesson that I will never forget.
    I was wondering if I should do something to let this girl know that she had hurt me. I was thinking that this would make me feel better.
    Anyway, he asked me what the result would be if I did that. She would probably feel uncomfortable and ultimately decide that she was right in rejecting me.
    However, if my goal instead is to show her what an awesome person I am, and that maybe she was wrong in rejecting me, I shouldn't do anything rash (or alter my behavior around her,) but instead be confident and happy and try to show her that I am actually an awesome dude.

    I know that is kind of off topic, and a little different than you are describing, but I am suggesting that if you still want this guy to like you and maybe consider you more in the future, don't do anything to display your hurt (like skipping class and avoiding him). Just keep being confident, happy, and awesome (even if you have to fake it) and maybe he will notice that instead.
    Hope this helps. :)

  3. Thanks, guys. Your encouragement has really made me feel better. I actually had a pretty good day after that class was over, and I'm hoping I can move on without thinking about him too much more.

  4. Oh bummer. I'm kinda feeling the same way. It's disappointing, but what do you do? Glad you had a good day!


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