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~Jasper Fforde

Monday, January 30, 2012

Everything's Coming to Em

Things have been a bit of a roller coaster these past few days, but I think I can safely say that as of today, I'm starting to see a break in the metaphorical clouds.  I'm not promising anything is going to happen; or if something does, that its going to happen the way that I had pictured things happening, but I have a good feeling about life right now.

Okay, so this story goes back to last semester.  There was a guy in my class.  He was real quiet.  Not shy, but quiet.  And when he would finally talk in class, I couldn't help but sit up and take notice.  I felt like most of the other people in that class didn't have much to say, but this guy...this guy made a ton of sense.  I'd always get excited when he would raise his hand, because it was always something interesting and thought-provoking.  This guy was good.

I've had a crush on him since that point.  And this semester, I had two classes with him instead of one, making it harder to just forget about him; to just not think about him.  More often than not, I just ignore those feelings, because when I like someone, I act like a complete and utter fool.  And I don't want to further embarrass myself and scare everyone off (the only ones who seem to be okay with my jittery affection are those who are more socially awkward than me).

I've had good feelings about my life this semester.  Not concerning this guy.  Just good feelings in general.  And when I saw that I had two more classes with him (meaning I'd see him every day), I thought perhaps there might be a chance.  Well, that was until I saw how he only ever seemed to talk to one of my friends.  I mean, I know that they had a class together, but I always got the feeling that he thought she was cute and that he kinda liked her.  And this feeling gnawed at me for the longest time.  In fact, today in class, I saw them talking...animatedly (and this guy almost never shows that kind of excitement), and I decided my chances were over.

My next class was cancelled, so I was wandering around the English department when I ran into him again.  Now, my original intention was to have my friends buy me coffee while I whined and complained about how frustratingly dead my dating life was.  But, instead, I decided to go and say "hi".  I've been rejected by men multiple times, so being turned down is nothing new.  And besides, I reasoned that there is nothing wrong with small talk, and if I didn't make a move when I actually had an opportunity to talk with him, I'd regret it forever, even if talking to him didn't change a damn thing.

So...I went up to him, started a little bit of small talk, and soon, we were involved in a lengthy discussion about books, literary styles, authors, interests, and God only knows what else.  He made a comment about coffee, so I suggested we go and get some (he had over an hour before his next class, and besides, I had been intending on getting coffee before work anyway).  So, we did.  We got coffee....we talked some more.  He went out for a smoking break, showing me a secret little area where he liked to go.  We talked some more.

He told me so much about himself....where he was from, his frustrations and motivations, things that he said he wished he could tell everyone; things that he said I probably wouldn't believe.  I can't remember the last time someone told me their life's story so quickly like that.  I can't remember the last time someone spilled all these details to me without even thinking about it.  Like it was just natural for him to talk about it and for me to listen.

However, I think the most amazing part were the silences.  When I'm with someone I don't know very well, I hate the silences.  It's uncomfortable.  It makes me nervous.  With this guy, however, it was different.  The silences were okay.  I felt calm, comfortable, and relaxed.  It was natural.  Silence with him was not dead space, but a calm break for a few seconds...or a few minutes.  It just worked.

I don't know what to think about this, so I'm not going to try.  I'll rant about it to friends tonight, and then I'll tuck it in the back of my mind and let it go.  He says he loves a challenge, and so, if I even want to consider wanting him, I'm going to make it a challenge.  Not that I'm going to be aloof or distant.  I'm just not going to revert to my old habits of throwing myself at the other person like I'm a small dog or a child screaming "Look at me!  Love me!  Love me!"

Regardless of what happens, I have a good feeling about this. Friendship would be fine.  This guy is unlike anyone I've ever met, and I want to discover a bit more about him.  He fascinates me.  And regardless of all this, I can safely say that I have a real good feeling about this semester in general.  Finally: everything's coming to Em. ;)


  1. That's awesome! Keep us updated.

  2. Thanks, Robby! Will do :)

  3. First: Awesome!

    Second: If he so loves a challenge, tell him to quit smoking.

    Third: What chapter am I supposed to be on? (TFLW)

  4. First: Thank you!!

    Second: He did quit for a while, but school stresses him out and makes him reach for the cigarettes. If anything happens betwen us, I might ask him to quit-- it would be a challenge for him, and it would be easier on my sinuses.

    Third: I'm supposed to be on like Chapter 38 of FLW, but I'm definitely NOT that far! :P

  5. I usually only have one word for situations such as these, and it's more of a sound really, not a word.

    Eeep. Eeeeeeeeeep! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!


  6. congratulations!! I can't wait to hear how this turns out! Good luck.


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