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~Jasper Fforde

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So There's This Guy...

And no, this is not going the way y'all are probably thinking its going.

So, there's this guy.  And he's been creeping on my friends and I for several weeks now.  We first realized there was something going on when we went with a group from campus to go and see a play.  He sat a few seats in front of us on the bus (with a friend sitting across the aisle), but all of a sudden, he just randomly asked us for the time.  1.) Check your phone.  2.) Check your friend's phone....But anyways, as we continued the drive back to campus, we kept catching him leaning back to hear what we were saying, even interjecting every once in a while to respond to some witty comment one of us had made.  And it didn't end there, either.

He always used to sit on the completely opposite end of the cafeteria, but has taken to sitting at the table right behind us, and pushes his chair out so far that we're nearly back to back with each other.  And it's obvious he's listening to our conversations.  And it's not just the cafeteria; we see him all over campus.

We're all starting to get really sick of him, but at the risk of sounding rude, we've been biting our tongues.  If this goes on much longer, though, we all have some choice words for him.  I don't want to say he's stalking us, but I'm really getting pissed at his eavesdropping and creeping.  I don't even need a legit boyfriend right now, and I most definitely do NOT need a creeper.


  1. good luck with all that. sounds annoying.

  2. maybe he just wants to be friends, okay he's weird, but perhaps he just needs it explaining to him that you don't want to be friends. Maybe you need to explain it with knuckle dusters after the gentle approach though...

  3. Again... Why was I supposed to come back into the big, weird world?


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