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Friday, November 30, 2012

Dress to Impress

There's going to be a dance on campus this weekend.  More specifically, it's a Great Gatsby themed party.  And I've been wanting to go since the beginning of the semester, but as the date got closer and closer, I've been getting worried that I won't have the right outfit, and that means I have to go buy one, which requires time and money which I don't have...and after a certain point, I wasn't even sure if it was worth going, even though almost all my friends ARE, and it's pretty much all the English department talks about.

Then, I got a text from Boo yesterday.  And he asked me if I was going.  And not only is he going, but he's getting all dressed up, really getting into character, and is super excited.  He even bought a ton of stuff just for the occasion!  I'm still hoping to go, and my more fashion-conscious friends are going to help me find a cute outfit, but I'm seriously freaking out....I want to impress him sooooooo badly!  And since this is one of the few times he'll ever see me in a dress, I need to make this count.

Wish me luck, y'all!  I'll post details soon.


  1. Post details...and pictures...

  2. Details schmeetails... how about some pictures!?

    (good luck)


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