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Monday, October 18, 2010

A Date or Not a Date: That is the Question

Okay, so yesterday, I posted to tell everyone about my potential romance and how we're meeting up before the end of the month. I also said that this was not a date, just a meet n'greet. My friends don't agree. So, wonderful followers: you tell me. Is this a date or not? Here are the details:

I started to email him.
HE asked to start texting.
WE had planned to meet up sometime in the presence of a common friend.
HE asked to meet up sometime soon.
I suggested we meet up just one-on-one.
I also suggested some days we could go and several places to go.
HE chose two of the places he would like to go to.
HE's taking off a day of work to meet up with me.
I don't know who is going to pay.

Is this a date? Personally, I think that making it a date raises the stakes a bit, and also, I've honestly never really been on an official date before, so this makes me a bit nervous. Please give your opinions wonderful readers! Thank you :)


  1. This is a date Emmy, no matter what generation you hail from.

  2. I'm sorry to say, but it's a date. If either has potentially romantic investment in the outing, then it's a date. And you BOTH clearly have your interests in the other. I just find it a little sad that you haven't got to know this guy well first. I get tired of people just dating randoms. It means one doesn't really know how they interact with regular people, and it's hard to judge lifestyle compatability. I get told how odd I am for dating (and now I'm proceeding to marry) a dear friend. Not being friends with someone first sounds strange to me.

    Rant over. Go have fun on your date :).

  3. I would say that it qualifies as a blind first date, especially if he pays. Even if you go dutch it could still qualify as a date, but generally the guy pays on a first date. My advice is to not worry about whether or not it is a date, and just plan on meeting a cool person and enjoying each others company. Dating is much easier when you don't try to strictly define everything.

  4. Hey guys! Thanks for your feedback on the matter. I'm nervous, but really excited, and perhaps, if I just chill out, I'll actually be able to enjoy the first date, lol.

    Evan, I totally understand your point of view; personally, I'd prefer to date a friend, but I don't see any romance blooming between me and my two closest guy friends. Matt and I are like brother and sister, and whenever I try to get closer to Professor Thomas, he just starts acting all weird. Perhaps stepping out of my circle will be a good thing. :)

    Wish me luck!

  5. Oh. It's a date. Just go into it with a wide open mind and the decision to just enjoy yourself! It will be so fun! Also, be prepared to pay for yourself, but if he offers, then you happily agree, and maybe flutter your eyelashes at him. Hahaha!

    Can't wait to hear more about it! (Emmles, you should shoot me your email--only if you want to--so I can respond more easily to your comments.)

  6. since i seem to be the uncouth one i shall put it like this... make sure you pack contraception :P


  7. Ooh how exciting!! Whatever it is, I hope you have a lovely time!!


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