"Take no heed of her...She reads a lot of books."
~Jasper Fforde

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Emmy's ABCs

A little shout out to Robby who tagged me for this on his blog :) Basically, this is just a little "get-to-know-me" thing. Hope you enjoy!

A- attached or single: currently single ;)
B- best friend: the brother
C- cake or pie: Pie. Especially fruit pie.
D- day of choice: I love Thursdays. Really don't know why, but I love them :)
E- essential item: a book..........obviously :P
F- favorite color: pink (but for clothes, I love to wear brown)
G- gummy bears or worms: worms. I somehow don't feel as bad about eating them. And I REALLY hope you meant GUMMY worms....
H- hometown: those who need to know already know ;)
I- indulgences: root beer, books, dark chocolate, the daily newspaper comics, old movies
J- January or July: July. I hate the cold :(
K- kids: maybe someday. Not really ready for that just yet.
L- life is incomplete without family, friends, and a really good library
M-marriage date: someday!
N- number of siblings: just one: the awesome brother! But, I do have a friend who is a brother to me as well....so, I guess you could say....two? Or one and a half :P
O- oranges or apples: apples. When I made that awful attempt at an all-fruit diet, it was a damn orange that did me in!
P-phobias: spiders, being upside down, drowning
Q- quote: "Books...are a kind of magic" (Jasper Fforde)/ "Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so." (Douglas Adams)
R- reason to smile: knowing that there is so much more to life; so much that we can learn and so many ways we can make ourselves better
S-season: fall :) I love the leaves, the clear skies, and the sweaters and jeans!
T-tag (please fill this out, too...but only if you want. No pressure ;)
Tom, Evan, Oldfool, Mrs. B, Steven Thanks guys :)
U- unknown fact about me: I collect Phantom of the Opera mask pins; so far, I have two :P
V- vegetarian or oppressor of animals: I love animals, but I think I would die if I couldn't have a good chicken sandwich every now and then.
W- worst habit: I crack my knuckles. Also, I hang out on the Internet when I should be doing homework.....And I'm constantly correcting people's grammar.
X- x-rays or ultrasounds: um.........x-rays? O.o
Y- Your favorite food group: chocolate and coffee. (if caffeine isn't its own food group, something is wrong!)
Z- zodiac: Libra!


  1. These are great! Thanks for completing it. :)

  2. A- attached or single: extremely attached : )
    B- best friend: my mom
    C- cake or pie: Pie. cake, for the sole fact that this includes the infamous beet cake
    D- day of choice: Fridays
    E- essential item: Cell phone, i am the sad when I can't talk to people who aren't close by
    F- favorite color: green
    G- gummy bears or worms: worms. gummy bears. . . just beware the poisonous blue gummy bear
    H- hometown: the town where my home is
    I- indulgences: skittles, japanese cherry blossom scented stuff
    J- January or July: November :P
    K- kids: not yet, but once I get married, fo' shiz!
    L- life is incomplete without God, family, friends, and the boyfriend
    M-marriage date: someday!
    N- number of siblings: none
    O- oranges or apples: apples
    P-phobias: you guys really don't need to know :P
    Q- quote: varies on my mood
    R- reason to smile: God, love, and knowing that there are people who would give the world for you
    S-season: fall
    U- unknown fact about me: mer. . . ?
    V- vegetarian or oppressor of animals: I like my pulled pork, but animals need to be humanely treated, even as a food source
    W- worst habit: overthink
    X- x-rays or ultrasounds:depends on what each are being used for
    Y- Your favorite food group: fruit and milk
    Z- zodiac: scorpio


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