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~Jasper Fforde

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Door Decorating Contest

My floor has a door decorating contest going on in the dorm, and I decided to enter. Since I'm a total history buff, I decided to base the designs off of the historical Sweeney Todd's shop. I have signs for his shop and Mrs. Lovett's shop (although I still have to glue everything on) and I'm going to be making windows, and perhaps a barber pole (if I have time). Right now, I'm working on the signs. We used the Cricut to make the letters in card stock, and the signs themselves are construction paper. I'll be posting pictures very soon. :)

And since we have the BIG CORNER room, we have lots more wall space next to us that we can use to further our design (that's where the windows and pole will be going.

I really hope we win....the prize is a gift card to Target!


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