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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Did Any of You Watch "The Office" Tonight?

I normally don't watch The Office, but my family does, and they told me that this episode was going to feature the musical Sweeney Todd, which is an opportunity I couldn't bear to pass up! I just adore the musical, although I haven't seen the Tim Burton movie version. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the George Hearn/Patti Lupone duet.

So....Sweeney Todd on The Office....It. Was. Amazing! I loved it! For all you Office fans who missed it, Andy was playing Anthony the sailor who Sweeney befriends early on in the play. He did a wonderful job! I was so impressed :) I wish they would have shown more of the play, but obviously, with time constraints (its only a half hour show) and such, they did the best they could. I was very impressed with the quality of the music. For such a small portion of a musical, they really gave it a lot of effort, and the result was chilling and wonderful, just like Sweeney should be.

For those of you who have not seen Sweeney Todd yet, I highly recommend it. However, I would advise against the Tim Burton version unless you are a hard-core fan of the musical. (Its very dark, very bloody, and they take out almost all the humor from many of the songs). As I said before, the best version is the one with George Hearn and Patty Lupone, which you can find on Youtube, although its also available on DVD (Sweeney Todd in Concert).

And a quick synopsis.....
Sweeney Todd is the dark story of a man seeking revenge. After he is wrongly imprisoned for life by a corrupt judge who wishes to seduce his wife, Benjamin Barker returns to London under a new name: Sweeney Todd. He joins forces with a pie maker, Mrs. Lovett to kill all those who wronged him. Sweeney, a barber, slits the throats of his victims while shaving them, while Mrs. Lovett turns the bodies into meat pies to hide the evidence. Gruesome, yes, but also amazing. The music is fabulous and the plot starts to blur the lines between hero and villain. This musical is actually based off a true story about a madman who killed people to be made into pies (although there is no love and revenge in the true story; just murder and meat pies).

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  1. "...just murder and meat pies."

    Love it :).

    I haven't seen the version you're referring to. Must track it down :). I adore musicals.


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