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~Jasper Fforde

Monday, December 13, 2010

Practical Gifts

Today, the Wonderful Roomie and I learned an important lesson. When guys don't know what to get you for Christmas, unlike girls, they won't ask seventy million people what to get you. Instead, they go for something more practical. The Roomie and I stressed out about what we were going to get for Professor Thomas and Matt for Christmas. In the end, we got them fun stuff that we knew they would like: a Jeff Dunham DVD & Pepsi for the Professor, and a Mario t-shirt for Matt.

The guys got the Roomie two boxes of Lucky Charms cereal (since it's her favorite and they don't have it in the dining hall anymore), and got me a no-slip mat to go under the rug in our room, since they know I risk my life on that rug every single day. It may not be the craziest or most fun thing ever, but its still practical and thoughtful. Thanks guys :)


  1. This so sucks... I can't get you any presents Emmy.

  2. Steven, could you write me a story for Christmas? That would be the best gift ever :) If you want, I'll pass on my email address....

  3. Eleven days... that's a tough one. Let me see what I can stir up.

  4. No preassure, Steven. How about you go for about 23 days and try for Epiphany? Then you'll have a lot more time ;)

  5. For my 21st birthday, my friend Ryan got me a pop gun and little people shaped targets, because "you're allowed to buy weapons now"! Your friends are much more attuned to your needs than mine were. :P

  6. Emmy, the only story I have in my head right now, other than 'Sarah Abigail', the one I'm working on, is about a bee hive and convicts and my distaste for stories with the grand epiphany yet stating that there is something to be said for being free enough to screw up and spend a couple of days in jail... a little dark for a Christmas present.

    How about we be practical: I need 'Sarah Abigail' read... what I have done anyway... and you want a story. It's hardly a present, I suppose,and a bit selfish, since I was going to ask if I could send it to you anyway,for opinions, and of course, it's not finished,but hopefully, by Christmas...

    Just a thought. My e-mail address is there on my blog... or ocasteve@hotmail.com You can e-mail me any time you like.

  7. Steven,

    Just in case you didn't get my email....I just wanted to let you know that you don't have to stress yourself out with writing a story; its all good. Just forget about it ;)


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