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Sunday, June 5, 2011

One of Our Thursdays Is Missing

I've been waiting for about a year to finally get to read this! Ever since I first read online that Jasper Fforde (one of my all-time favorite authors) was going to be publishing his next Thursday Next book back in March, I could not believe it! I was thrilled. Of course, with school and such, Fforde got put onto a back-burner (sadly), and I had almost forgotten about the book completely. There was no point in checking it out if I couldn't even read it; and being a poor college student, I could not afford to purchase it.

I requested it as soon as I remembered this summer, and waited intently for it to come in at the library. And last night, I stayed up til the wee hours, as it were, to finish.

It. Was. AMAZING! Jasper has yet to disappoint me! There is not a single book of his that I have not liked. I will admit that at first, it was a bit slow, and as the plot continued, it got a bit confusing, but overall, this was a hilarious book! Unfortunately, there is not much I can say about this without leaving my readers a bit confused, since you really have to read the rest of the series to totally get this book, but here's a quick summary to help...

Instead of being narrated by Thursday (as the rest of the series is), One of Our Thursdays Is Missing is told by the "fictional" Thursday5, first introduced in First Among Sequels. The book world is in peril, on the brink of a genre war led by Speedy Muffler of Racy Novel. To make things worse, the real Thursday has gone missing, and it is up to her fictional counterpart to take over. But, fictional Thursday has always been sweet and gentle, and is totally unprepared to take on the powerful, confident, and kick-ass image that the real Thursday projects. So, she must try to find out what happened to Thursday, save the book world, and keep things stable in her own floundering story, all at the same time. The question is, can she do it, or will she be a flop again, just as she always has been?

N.B. For those of you who have not read the other books in the series, I've taken the liberty of adding a list here for you....

  • The Eyre Affair

  • Lost in a Good Book

  • The Well of Lost Plots

  • Something Rotten

  • First Among Sequels

  • Enjoy :)

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