"Take no heed of her...She reads a lot of books."
~Jasper Fforde

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Almost-Autumn Weather

The weather today, as compared to the past few months, is so cool that I almost feel like I could call it autumn.  And the moisture in the air from the impending rain, makes it feel so delightfully brisk.  I wish the weather would last like this forever.

I can't wait until fall comes.  Until I can spend countless hours on a weekend sitting outside in the crisp fall air, reading books until my fingers become too cold to turn the pages, pulling my hoodie closer around my chilled frame.

I become the most alive in the fall.

I cannot wait to come back to life again.


  1. Words cannot describe to you the beautiful smell of the freshly opened coffee brewing in the room right now, and the tintillating sight of the pain au chocolat sitting on my desk as the rain falls gently on the tree outside my window. Just saying ;)

  2. This is my 73rd summer and I'm not tired of them yet but then I feel that way about autumn, winter and spring as well. I started as a child just rolling with whatever the season was. I admit that I dreaded summer being over then but that was because I would have to go back to jail (school). I look forward every year now to the next season but dread the end of the one I'm in because I'm not finished with it. Fortunately the universe pays no attention and just keeps on churning and keeping me entertained.

  3. Beautifully profound words as ever, OF :)

    And my dear roommate, as beautiful as I'm sure the scene was, I would not trade the perfection of that cool, moist air against my skin, nor the tantalizing spray of the falling rain which came afterwards ;) Still, looking forward to coffee and rainy weekends in the dorm together very soon!

  4. Fall is absolutely my favorite season! I love the corn, carmel apples, pumpkins, the crisp cool weather. I like sweaters and jackets. I like taking walks in the park when the leaves are turning. i love everything about it!

  5. Sarah, you echo my sentiments EXACTLY! We need to make it a point to hang out this fall and enjoy the weather together! :)


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