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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back on Campus

Well, here we go!  Another school year is about to start!  Emmy is officially back on campus; a little dazed, a little overwhelmed, but really looking forward to a challenging and fun semester!

I'm not going to be living with the Roomie anymore :(  She's going to be in France this semester, and living with our friend Rachel second semester.  I'm going to be with the NEW roommate: Italia.  As in she LOVES Italy :)  Sadly, I'm going to be alone for a few days until she's able to move in.  I'm a bit lonely, but I do enjoy the time to myself.

Spent most of the day with Rachel, my new next-door neighbor.  We hung out, cleaned and arranged our dorms, and went to see the guys at dinner.  (The dining hall food sucked as always, so I just had a glass of pop.  Later that night, the two of us ordered Chinese food and had a movie party).  The Princess Bride is seriously the greatest film ever :)  Thanks, Matt, for buying it for me :):):)

Matt and Professor Thomas both seemed to be in good moods.  Although, I will say it was a bit frustrating being embarrassed by the Professor in front of a couple of Freshman that Matt was eating with.  I know I should be used to his antics by this point, but it's never fun being embarrassed so badly, and of course, I can't hide my embarrassment, because my face burns bright red every single time!  Oh well......I did miss him over the summer, and I guess when you're friends with this faux Professor, you have to be prepared for this sort of treatment.  After a couple of weeks, I'll build up a tougher skin.

Really excited for classes to start.  I have some good stuff lined up (hopefully, I'll be able to update more about that later).  For now, I'm thinking I'll just take a break and start to wind down for the night.

G'night, y'all! :)  Looking forward to having more news for you!

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