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~Jasper Fforde

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Neil the Nail

In case you didn't know, I'm a huge fan of online gaming.  I love all kinds of fun little games, from basic platformers to point-and-click.  Today, I found a cute one on MoFunZone.com; it's called Neil the Nail.  Help Neil to find Mr. Magnet and stop the evil hammers from hurting his family.  Yes, it sounds a bit babyish, but it's actually quite fun, and a nice diversion when you want to do something mindless (but not TOO mindless). ^_^  Hope you enjoy!


  1. Thanks for recommending this site Emmy;)
    I should confess here that I'm one of the big fans of Travian Online Game!:(;)

  2. Being a fan of online games is always a fun addiction :) Sadly, I must confess that I've not heard of Travian... :( What's it about?

  3. www.travian.com
    This is the Travian world!:-p

  4. Yikes! This looks like it could easily be super addicting! :P

    I might have to check it out, but right now, I have enough online gaming to worry about with just Second Life and Gaia (not even counting my other gaming sites :P)


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