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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

English Updates

For those of you participating in my literature class read-alongs, I'm also going to be reading Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence.  On Friday, I'll be able to post the title of my third book (one for each of my three English classes).

In class, I'll have to have finished Age of Innocence by Monday (and we're going to discuss it for the next few class periods after that).  So, for my personal schedule, I'm attempting to have the first half of the book finished by Friday.  I'm sure that most of you won't have time to obtain a copy AND read that far ahead, but if you want to try and keep up with me, that would be great.  (Halfway through the book comes to about 17 chapters).  I'll try not to post any spoilers in the discussions next week.  Still, I'm aiming for a small discussion on Friday about the first few chapters.

And don't forget about The French Lieutenant's Woman (Chapters 1-5) on Thursday!

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  1. Age of Innocence was the worst. And I didn't even read it!! We watched the movie for that book. And I don't remember a thing. Why? Because I slept through the entire film.

    And that's how I know it's the worst. Because I NEVER sleep through movies.


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