"Take no heed of her...She reads a lot of books."
~Jasper Fforde

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Read-Along Apologies

I'm really sorry I haven't posted anything about the read-along.  I've just been getting hit with more and more reading assignments than I really know what to do with.  For example, for my current English readings, I'm supposed to have up to Chapter 17 of The French Lieutenant's Woman finished by Tuesday, all of Age of Innocence by Monday, and the first 100 pages or so of Moll Flanders by Monday.  Gaah!

Still, if anyone DOES want to discuss the books, let me know.  And if you have any ideas of HOW we can discuss the books, please tell me.  I guess we could always just comment on it as we go?  If you want to do it via email, that works, too.  Just leave your email in the comments, and since I have to approve comments before they post, I'll see your email, but it won't get posted on the site.  I could also just make a quick post and let everyone ramble about what they read?  Too busy to think of suggestions right now.  This semester just might eat me alive.  I'd appreciate any help I could get, haha.

On a side note, I found a nice little tome which I'm hoping to use as an incentive to finish my actual reading.  It's called Pamela, and it's told entirely in letters.  My professor told us that it's a story of a very virtuous girl who is being seduced by the mysterious Squire B, whom she works for.  She sends letters to her poor parents, telling them of what has been happening to her.  It sounded good, and so that and Heineken are my rewards for getting all my homework done.  I just picked up a six-pack yesterday :)  (And don't worry; that's going to last me for a couple of weeks!)


  1. What an s-pile of reading! My book still hasn't arrived. I'm going to fail this semester.

    "This sixer will last me all week."
    Never said that before. Remember youngster, you have old pros reading your blog, whose eyes with wool cannot be so easily covered ;)

  2. I can assure you, Steve, that I'm not a heavy drinker. :) In fact, I've discovered some of my friends on campus are very fond of Heineken, and I just might have to invite them over for beer and movies sometime this week...(and then I won't have any beer left :)

    But, thanks for looking out for me; it means a lot!

    Let me know when your books come in!!! :)


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