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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Frankenstein the Musical

Finally! I've found a wonderful musical that has everything! The music is amazing, the lyrics are perfect, the plot is suspenseful, and the perfect cast has been selected! Hunter Foster plays the doomed Dr. Frankenstein, Christine Noll plays his beloved Elizabeth, and Steve Blanchard is the Creature. The musical is a powerful production and a faithful retelling of the classic story. It transports you through tender love scenes, hard-wrenching deaths, and the painful circumstances that unite a man and a monster that is destined to ruin his life. I cannot recommend this highly enough! I'd have to say that of the three musicals I have recently reviewed on my blog, this is by far the best!


  1. OK, OK, I'm sold but right now I've got to get my operating system to work right. Being a fan of love stories,a fan of Frankenstein and a fondness for musicals I have to see this.

  2. I really hope you like it! :) (And if you want, you can sample the music online at the official website: http://www.frankensteinthemusical.com/home.html

  3. Oooh. I love musicals. I want. Is this a movie then? Or did you go to see the play?

  4. Actually, Chess, I just found the soundtrack at the library and picked it up. The picture is from the musical production and I got it off their website:

    I don't think there is a movie out yet. I looked, but all they have on YouTube is the soundtrack. (If the play is in my area, I would totally love to see it!)


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