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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Leave it to Psmith

First, let me just say that the P in "Psmith" is silent. :P

This is just another of the wonderful Wodehouse books I have read, and my first for the summer. I've never read anything from the "Psmith" series, but this book has sparked an interest in the others for sure! Combining characters from the Blandings series with characters from Psmith's world, the reader is presented with a delightful cast of characters, such as Lord Emsworth, Rupert Baxter, Freddie Threepwood, and of course, Ronald Psmith.

This book has everything from romance, to suspense, to mystery; and parts literally had me laughing out loud! I cannot recommend it more highly. Yet again, another wonderful Wodehouse novel that does everything but disappoint! ;)


  1. Okay, I'm watching "Ripping Yarns"... not at this very moment, but... very cool, and funny. I'll have to put P.G.Wodehouse next on my to-read list. The bit about the egg won me over.

  2. That's good to hear, Steven! I loved Ripping Yarns. It was so funny; I hope you like it :)

    As for the comment about the egg, it had me laughing out loud while waiting at the airport; I'm sure at least someone thought I was a bit crazy :P

  3. I'm gonna have to read this dude. For real. As for my self-ban, sometimes I find I'm wasting too much of my life on FB, so then I have to ban myself from it and go do other things. This is the longest I've ever gone. :-)

  4. Emmy, I keep saying that I need to read some Wodehouse, so I am wondering, for someone totally unfamiliar with his works, where should I start? Which of his books should I read first?

  5. Robby, you should totally start with either "Carry On, Jeeves" or the short story "Uncle Fred Flits By" Both are very funny. "Carry On, Jeeves" was my first intro to Wodehouse, and the latter was my brothers. Both are must reads, though! Happy reading :)

  6. You'll be happy to know that today I bought three P.G. Wodehouse books! Carry On, Jeeves, The Inimitable Jeeves, and Something Fresh. I'm quite excited to give them a try.

  7. Robby, you've made me very happy! :D This is wonderful. I've read the first two. The series of Jeeves and Wooster is my favorite :)

    N.B. If you like the books, there is a hilarious TV series called Jeeves and Wooster that includes many of the misadventures of Bertie and Jeeves :P

    Happy Reading!!!


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