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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Sunday Afternoon Walk

My family and I went for a walk on one of the local nature trails today; it was wonderful. The weather has been very warm this past week, but today was a bit cooler. Another plus: there was minimum sun, and lots of shade. We saw luminescent dragonflies and even a frog (sitting right in the middle of the path! :D)

I think the only damper to the event was at the very end. Coming back to our car, my parents stopped us and asked us if we knew what the awful smell in the air was. No, it was not skunk. They actually informed us that it was weed. Yep. There were three 30-something Hispanic men hidden just slightly in the trees behind the parking lot, smoking marijuana and laughing with the high...

What fun, right?


  1. hey at least they were happy it's not 'all' that bad that stuff, it's when you have to deal with smack rats coming down, now theres an experiance you don't forget. smack rat jack in the box at 7:45 in the morning. i have to admit though i'm not keen on the smell of gange.

    p.s in an odd way it was skunk (it's another name for it)

  2. Marijuana has a rather pleasant smell and seldom makes people giggly and never aggressive. It doesn't carry far either. There are other drugs that do that and some stink.

  3. Maybe the smell was me Emmy, not skunk buds... I mean, marijuana. Really, I smelled that bad for a while today.

    You saw a luminescent frog?!

  4. Haha; I don't think the smell was you, Steven; we actually saw these guys getting high and the smell was thick in the air.

    Sorry about my poor choice of wording...we saw a luminescent dragonfly and a regular old bullfrog. But, I don't normally see frogs ('cause of where I live) so it was very exciting for me :P

  5. Hahaha, I read Steven's post right before this one, and I almost said, "You probably smelled Steven." But Steve took care of that for me. Maybe I'll go running in a little bit. No frogs around here though!

  6. Haha; great bloggers think alike, huh, Chess? :P

  7. Better weed smoke than skunk spray, the latter is zero fun for anyone.

  8. That sounds nice Emmy(apart from the weed smokers). I really like going on walks in the summer time. Where do you live anyway?


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