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~Jasper Fforde

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Men and Cartoons

I've finished another book! This one is called Men and Cartoons and is written by Jonathan Lethem. I found it my chance; stumbled upon it at the library while I was looking for something by H.P. Lovecraft. I didn't find the Lovecraft (this was general fiction and it was housed in sci-fi) but I did find this book with such an unusual title and a creative cover design.

This is my introduction to the works of Lethem, and I rather enjoyed it. I tore the book apart in about two days, and like any good book, its left me satisfied. The writing style called to mind the works of Ray Bradbury and Neil Gaiman, both of which I enjoy.

The only drawback for me would be the last two stories. The edition I was reading had two "bonus" stories that weren't included in the hardcover publication: "This Shape We're In" and "Interview with the Crab". They weren't bad, per se, but I felt like they dragged. They didn't have the same flair that the other stories had. They didn't hold my attention or make me want to read more. To be honest, I more of less skimmed them. I mean, I read them, but my heart wasn't in it. :(

Despite the ending, I still thought that it was a wonderful book, and I would highly recommend it to anyone! Happy reading :)


  1. Mmmmm, Lovecraft. Would that you could browse my library dear.

  2. You've read Lovecraft? Could you help me find somewhere to start? I'm not sure which book to look for first.

  3. Oh Lovecraft...I have a friend who once posted a Facebook group called "Cthulu for president." I almost accepted the invite until I found out what Cthulu was :P


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