"Take no heed of her...She reads a lot of books."
~Jasper Fforde

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Library Run

The Brother and I rode our bikes up to the library again today. We were there to return Black Adder. No, we didn't finish it. In fact, we only managed to get through one episode, and even that was hard. No, no...we actually loved the show, but the issue was that the DVD was so scratched up that we couldn't actually watch too much of it without it freezing, skipping, or shutting off. So, riding to the library today, our mission was to return the DVD set and ask them to clean it off for us so that we could actually enjoy it (yes, they have a disk cleaner in the back :3).

While there, we decided to look around so that our week would not be completely without some good old British Comedy. Here's what we brought back:

*The Complete Ripping Yarns
*Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean
*Mr. Bean's Holiday (Movie)
*The Rocky Horror Picture Show (This last one is just for me ;) hehe)

We'll be heading out again on Friday to drop off some books and DVDs. Hopefully, our Black Adder set will be waiting for us when we do.


  1. First...I think I have stumbled upon a treasure...a wonderful book...I'll have to read a bit more to be sure.

    Second, you must inform when you're going to watch Rocky Horror...we'll sink up and quote lines. I saw a car today...a girl's I think...I hope...that had a sparkley Columbia hat in the back. Totally made me ache for a midnight movie run.

  2. @Steven Cain...

    Oh, I know just what you mean! Kiity once invited me to go to one of the showings of Rocky Horror (full costume and everything) but I wasn't able to go. It was most disappointing. Yes, quoting lines together would be a lot of fun :)

    I'd love to hear about this book you're reading. Would you be able to give me the title?

  3. I've never seen Rocky Horror. I think I must now. :-)

  4. @Chess...

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of the strangest movies that I've ever seen! It's freaky, confusing, funny and very, very trippy. But the music is amazing, and I can dance the Time-Warp almost perfectly! ;)


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