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Monday, October 12, 2015

31 Days of Halloween #12

I really hope that people enjoyed my last post (about Five Nights at Freddy's), because in the spirit of the game, this is part 2 in a mini-series of FNAF posts.  Think of this as Day 2 of Five Nights.

Day 12: Five Nights at Freddy's (Day 2)
I want to preface this by saying it was not my intention at the outset to do a FNAF series for 31 Days of Halloween.  But, I decided to do it for a couple reasons.  1.) I've just been too busy to put together a good list of ideas, so 2.) I'm running out of topics for posts, and 3.) I've become somewhat obsessed with FNAF since I started looking up videos for the last post.

Anyways, our topic this time around is going to be based on the FNAF musical.  This was put out by the creative minds at Random Encounters, with a little help from my man Markiplier (the King of Five Nights at Freddy's).

Just a quick disclaimer: if you've not played Five Nights, you might not get a lot of the references included.  So, I'll try to sum a few things up.

  • In the game, you play the nightguard who receives increasingly creepy and cryptic messages from "phone guy" who tells you what to what out for and how some others have not fared so well at this job.
  • The animatronics come to life and they think you're a endoskeleton (the metal frame that makes up the animatronics) without your costume on, so that's why they try to stuff you into a costume.
  • "Purple Guy" is a murderer who killed some children and stuffed their bodies into the animatronics, which is why they are now so bloodthirsty.
Okay, so that should be enough to get you started.  If you want more information, be sure to check out the FNAF Wiki here.

Finally, the musical is going to be in five parts (for the five nights), but Random Encounters has only finished parts 1-3 as of right now.  So, if you like what you see, stay tuned for more :)

Stay scary, my friends :)

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