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Thursday, October 15, 2015

31 Days of Halloween #15

I love Frankenstein.  The book, the movies, the musical, the character....its a great story with a fascinating figure that really has become a part of popular culture now.  I mean, who doesn't know and love our favorite green-faced electrode-studded monstrosity?

Well, I can bet there is someone out there who loves him even more than you or me.  And that gentleman is Pierre Fournier, the author of another BlogSpot blog dedicated to all things Frankenstein.

This is a blog I've been following for years.  After all, what kind of classic horror fan wouldn't love year-round updates about one of the most enduring monsters in film and literature?

And this blog is awesome, because it includes EVERYTHING Frankenstein!  And I mean everything!  Fan art, movie stills, promotional photos and posters, video clips, toys, history, collectibles...everything you could ever want!  And if you're not a huge Frankenstein fan, but are looking for something fun for the holiday, then take a look at the site.  I'm sure you'll find something to tickle your fancy!

And when you're done there, be sure to check out this other Frankenstein blog.  Gris Grimly's Frankenstein is no longer being updated, but it is still super-cool.  This was the first time I was able to follow an author through the creative process, page by page until the end, and then I went and read the book (which is excellent, by the way!)  I would highly suggest starting from the beginning, and if you like what you see, check out the book.  It was one of the best graphic novel adaptations of a work of classic literature that I have ever seen.  Creepy, atmospheric, slightly reminiscent of Tim Burton, yet completely and wholly original, this is one you just have to check out!  For more information, go to Gris's personal website here.

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