"Take no heed of her...She reads a lot of books."
~Jasper Fforde

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Hunt for Summer Jobs

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes-- and ships-- and sealing wax--
Of cabbages--and kings--
And why the sea is boiling hot--
And whether pigs have wings."

~Lewis Carroll (Through the Looking-Glass)

And, in my case...also to think of getting a summer job.

Its not that I want to get a summer job, mind you, but money is good as is job experience. And, one must think postivly. This could be a lot of fun.

Does anyone have any suggestions for places I should look at? (Or, at least types of places I should look at? Also, is there anyone who would be hiring a blogger/amatur poet?) Because, that would be the best ;)


  1. The best I can do is Dog's pictures...sorry.

  2. how come you don't want to get a job hun? it can be a lot of fun and may be just what you need to fill your time. (unless you already have a ton of fun things planned that is) stay positive, i'm sure it'll work out great

  3. Good ol' Charles Dodgson! Hmmm... Book store? Too stereotypical?


    Thinking music, please Maestro!

  4. Waitressing sounds awful, but it is so, so fun. You get to meet and watch so many crazy people! Or how about a coffee shop? :-)

  5. @Steven Cain...

    *Hugs* Don't worry, hun! Dog's pictures made my day :) No need to worry about it!

  6. errmmm i weigh trucks, and drive a jcb into things... thats not too bad


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