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~Jasper Fforde

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Arthurian Hero Doesn't Wear Armor; He Wears Glasses!

It really is true that people can be so different from what everyone else thinks of them. For example, this guy from my literature class. Willoughby knew him in high school, and tells me constantly how much of a player and a tool this guy is. And, I guess, just like Elizabeth Bennett, I was inclined to believe Wickham over Darcy. Not saying that the case is as extreme as that, but its a similar story: "I knew this guy and he's bad news, stay away!" and it turns out that he's a pretty nice guy after all. I mean, he's helped me out a heap today, and without me even having to come to him for assistance!

Basically, it was this: I lost some of my notes for one of the books in my literature class, and I need those notes for the stuff that's going to be on the final. So, I sent out a mass email to everyone, saying "Could you please give me a copy of your notes?" No one did. Then, out of nowhere, I run into this guy at the library, and he's like, "Hey, do you still need those notes?" (which of course, I did) and not only did he get me a copy of the notes, but he used his own money for it. I mean, I know it wasn't a lot (like 50 cents) but still, that was really, really nice of him, and I appreciate him trying to help me out like that.

I really wish there were more guys like him out there: just nice guys who are willing to help someone out just because they can. (And I feel as though I've learned an important lesson right now. I mean, I always thought he was a nice guy, and I tried to ignore what Willoughby was saying, but this just cemented in my mind all that I was trying to believe). So, I want to send out a huge thank you to Pete, who will prolly never read this post, but thank you! You are my hero for this class!!! :P


  1. i guess no one is a two dimensional character. i often find it's best to give everyone the benefit of the doubt when you first meet them.

    that said, i have met one or two people that were one hundred percent complete and utter b***ards who play at being nice but are really black souled monsters that see people as a resource, an item to be used and thrown away... (wow, where did that come from. this has no relevance to your helpfull friend. it's just me spitting bile)

  2. @Javmango...

    I think I know what you're saying. I've encountered plenty of people who were just like those "b***ards" you described. All I can say is that its nice to know there are guys like Pete out there who aren't just in it for themselves, no matter what everyone else says.

  3. please don't think i ment your friend, i'm really just talking about a girl that hurt me quite a lot in the past. she really was just evil. something in the post just kind of reminded me of her.

  4. That is so nice! It's sweet moments like those that make you realize that the world is just great, no matter what anybody says. I went to the store a week and a half ago with my friends, because they wanted to keep me awake for my birthday. I thought I brought money with me to buy some gum, but when I got there, it was nowhere to be found!! So Cody said, "I'll get it for you!" And then when I picked out the flavor I wanted, he reached around me and grabbed 2 packs. :-)

  5. So chivalry does still exist. I thought that last place where it could be found was in India. Seriously! Only Indian guys hold doors for me. Nice to know it's not a lost cause.

  6. @Javmango...

    Don't worry about it! I know you weren't referencing Pete. And I also know how frustrating it is when someone really hurts you, because you tend to rememeber everything for the longest time, and a lot of things bring the memories back. That's kind of how Willoughby and Odysseus are to me right now... It's getting easier with Odysseus, but harder with Willoughby...

  7. @Chess...

    Aww...Cody sounds so sweet! That's too cute, hun!

  8. He is a good egg. Which, if you know me, is my biggest compliment. But what I came here for is to tell you GOOD LUCK!!! You can do it, and you will not be eaten alive! I promise! It will feel so good when you are done, and afterwards, you should suggest a celebrate-the-end ice-cream run to all your friends. Ice cream makes anything official! ;-)

  9. All I've got is Peter the Great.


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